Usually the problem is an animal that has either taken up residence in your home, in a building on your property or in an area of the property itself. So the first step is to identify what type of animal this is. Identifying the type of animal that is causing the conflict and where it is entering and exiting will determine the type of trapping or exclusion method, or both, that will be used to solve and remove the wildlife problem. Different types of animals require different types of animal trapping and wildlife exclusion methods. Wildlife identification is the first step in removing the pest problem.


 After we have identified the animal that is causing the concern, we then determine the point of access and entry and can now remove the animal by trapping or exclusion. Commercially made chimney covers by HYC Company are sold and installed as part of our service. Special roof vent covers, attic fan covers are also provided to exclude the routine entry into homes by squirrels, raccoons, birds and other wildlife. Animal pests and moisture are some of the things a chimney cap can help keep from getting into and damaging your chimney.


After the animals have been removed preventative measures should be taken to assure that no other animals can gain entry into the structure. Access points will be closed with heavy wire and recommendations will be made whether or not a repair is needed. Wildlife Control Services holds a Connecticut state contractors license which can be utilized to repair and restore structural damage. Some examples of routine areas that animals enter are chimneys, ridge vents, gable vents, soffits, attic fans and dormers. These areas are routine access points where squirrels, raccoons and bats enter a home. With our wildlife maintenance program, we have products and procedures that can eliminate access to your home in all of these areas.


Very simply: no more access, no more animals, no more problems.

At Wildlife Control Services, LLC we are interested in solving your animal management problems. We appreciate your business and thank you for allowing us to serve you. All of our work is performed in accordance with Connecticut State laws regarding wildlife control.

Throughout the year, raccoons, skunks, squirrels, bats, and other rodents and animals are trying to find nesting areas by entering any structure that can afford protection. This normal nesting behavior will continue from early fall all the way into the summer months. If animals are allowed to gain entry and nest, young are sure to follow compounding the problem. Gaining entry to your buildings or home is easier for these animals than you might think. Have you ever watched a gray squirrel try to gain access to a bird feeder? They are very persistent and they usually get the food.