The warmer New England weather offers beautiful days filled with barbecues, pool parties and just soaking up the sun on your home deck. However, that relaxation can be interrupted when you realize there are wildlife living under your deck. It may not sound too bad considering they are outside rather than inside your home but they should still be removed to avoid damages to your deck’s foundation.

What Attracts Wildlife Under Your Home?

Of all the houses with decks in all the neighborhoods, why did the animals have to seek shelter under your deck? The following explains what draws wildlife in and intrigues them to live under your deck:

  • Deck openings or holes - Even the smallest of openings can allow easy access for wildlife critters to sneak into. When looking for shelter wildlife will take advantage of any opening or hole they can find, so if you want to avoid them living under your deck, it’s important to seal any openings that may allow entree.

  • Left out trash - Trash that is left outside is a major factor for animals to enter the premises. Even if the trash is bagged and set off to the side, it’s the perfect dinner invitation for wildlife such as raccoons, skunks, possums and squirrels.

  • Lack of lighting - Trying to save money on electricity bills by using dim lighting? Actually less lighting means less of a threat for wildlife. Homes that have brighter lights actually deter wildlife from entering the property, as it doesn’t seem safe than quieter, darker areas.

If you notice you have wildlife living under your deck or home, you should call Wildlife Control Services immediately to avoid damages to the deck foundation and structuring.

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