Do you keep hearing little footsteps in your attic at night? No, you are not in your very own horror movie but you may have some uninvited guests trying to make their home in your attic. If you feel that wildlife has snuck into your home, it’s important to get the issue taken care of right away to avoid damages and common diseases. But how do you know for sure if there are animals camping out in your attic.

Warning Signs Of Wildlife In Your Attic

Hearing Unfamiliar Noises From Above- One of the most common warning signs of wildlife invading your home is hearing noises in your attic. Typically, you’ll only hear these noises when the house is quiet or late at night while trying to sleep. This is because the critters feel the home is empty and that it’s safe to move around. If you are hearing scratching and chewing noises in your attic, you should call professional wildlife removal services for help to get the animal safely removed. Although, most of the critters that will sneak into your home are just looking for shelter, they can still bite if they feel threatened. This is why contacting the professionals will be safer for you as well as the animal.

Animal Droppings - This is a more obvious sign that wildlife is in your home but if you start to see animal feces, you may have more than one critter hiding around your property. Usually the areas that you’ll see droppings are not in common rooms such as bedrooms, living rooms and bathrooms. More than likely you’ll notice the droppings around your attic, in corners of the basement or other areas in your home with low traffic. You should never try to clean the feces without the proper gear. Make sure to always wear a mask and gloves whenever handling wildlife waste.

Holes Or Scratches Around The Attic - Some animals such as squirrels are small and sneaky and can use the smaller openings to squeeze into your home. For wildlife prevention, you should inspect your home for any holes or openings, no matter the size, and seal all of them up. If the animals have already entered the home be sure you don’t handle wildlife removal on your own.

What To Do About Wildlife Removal

Most wildlife such as raccoons and squirrels that sneak into your home are not violent creatures but trying to remove them yourself can put you at risk. They will bite or fight back when they feel threatened, which is the why contacting the professionals will be safer for you as well as the animal. At Wildlife Control Services we always strive to provide the customer and the wildlife with the safest and most effective management techniques at our disposal. We use ecologically sound and integrated control techniques in resolving human and animal conflicts.

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