Each year businesses, construction sites, and homes are damaged by an infestation of Pigeons. They can cause damage to the exterior of your building, risks to your health, and an annoyance to customers and employees. A large group of pigeons can make a lot of noise as well as make the building filthy, which may discourage customers from coming to your business. Not only will your building experience corrosion and spread diseases but commercial properties also need to be aware that pigeon nests can cause fires and clogs.

How To Prevent Pigeon Infestation

Commercial Pigeon Netting - If your business or warehouse has high ceilings with exposed supports, you need commercial pigeon netting to keep them away. These pigeon nets are attached to the bottom of the supports in your ceiling. This keeps birds from finding a place to land and set up camps so they will be discouraged and leave.

Pigeon Spiking - Pigeons love to hangout inside of signs and on the edges of roofs, which can become unsightly and keep customers from returning to your business. By installing bird spikes you take away any place for them to land so they will have to go elsewhere. CT Pigeon spiking does not cause harm to the birds just deters them.

If you are looking to stop pigeons from nesting on your home or business and causing damage, contact the experts at Wildlife Control Services. Specializing in wildlife control and prevention, WCS can install pigeon netting and spikes quickly and safely onto your building.

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