Despite what most may think, it’s common for homeowners to have issues with possums in or around their home. Possums typically invade a home or business because they are looking for food and shelter. Getting these animals removed is important for multiple reasons including the dangers of the waste they leave behind, which can be significantly harmful to your health.

Opossums are not the sneakiest of creatures but they are very good climbers and know how to look for openings in or under your home. Possums can typically just climb up the house and enter an accessible opening, like an uncovered soffit vent or open eave gap. The good news is, these animals don’t usually force themselves in but if they find a large enough opening, they’ll take the opportunity to set up camp. The same goes for under the house. They won’t force or create an opening but if you have a larger accessible area, they’ll take the opportunity to create shelter.

Are Possums Dangerous?

Opossums are actually not violent creatures. They will, however, protect themselves and their young if need be, which is important to keep in mind. Typically, when possums feel threatened they’ll display their sharp teeth and a hissing growl but that’s usually just for show. These creatures may not be as violent as others but they should not be handled with or removed unless done so by professional possum removal services.

Make sure you consult with wildlife control services if you have problems with possums. Be sure to never remove feces and waste without the proper gear to eliminate the risks of major diseases associated with such.

What Are Some Prevention Methods?

Because possums sneak into larger openings, the best way to prevent them is to search your home and seal any openings. This can be easier said than done, so here are some other prevention techniques you can try:

  • Start by getting rid of anything in your yard that can be used for shelter such as old equipment, pile of leaves, buildup of firewood or debris, or even high grass.

  • Inspect your property for openings and cover all accessible areas under porches, sheds and other areas under your home and block them off as best as you can with hardware cloth or rocks.

  • Look for any cracks or holes in your home no matter the height and seal those as well.

  • Chimney caps, underground fencing, roof vent covers and a number of other techniques can prevent wildlife from entering homes or burrowing under structures, thus removing the necessity to capture animals in the first place.

Professional CT Possum Removal Services

The best way to remove these critters is to let professional opossum removal services do the job for you. There are a lot of variables involved and removing them without the proper knowledge and training can create issues that can unnecessarily harm you or the possum and their young. Trained professionals can ensure the problem is taken care of and no young get left behind, which can lead to the problem to persist or for the baby to die and leave hazardous odors.

For more information about CT possum removal services, contact Wildlife Control Services, LLC today.