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Woodchucks, also known as groundhogs, can be a significant nuisance for homeowners. The reason being, groundhogs will create large holes to burrow next to homes or under decks and they like to eat the plants in your yard or garden. Simply put, these animals are diggers and can do damage to your yard and home. For these reasons, many people want to have woodchucks trapped and removed as soon as possible.

What Attracted Woodchucks To My Home?

Woodchucks love to eat various crops and berries. Your home is the perfect place if you have a garden they can use for food and a deck to live under. Basically this provides them with food and shelter. Woodchucks also enjoy locating soft ground that contributes to their building of dens and burrows. The holes they dig become tunnels with five or more entrances and exits so that multiple woodchucks can use it as an escape.

If you notice these holes around your property, it’s time for woodchuck removal, as more will be attracted to your location over time. In the process of creating their dens and tunnels, they have been found to move pounds of dirt. Because of the large amount of digging and burrowing these mammals do, they can cause a fair amount of property destruction and even damage to foundations of buildings when they dig too close to structures. They also will use the tunnels for shelter or to hibernate in, which makes removal more challenging and therefore, should be done by professionals.

Get Professional Woodchuck Removal and Trapping Services

Wildlife Control Services always strives to provide the customer and the wildlife with the safest and most effective management techniques at our disposal. We use ecologically sound and integrated control techniques in resolving human and animal conflicts. One area that Wildlife Control Services focuses on is Integrated Wildlife Management or IWM. IWM means looking at the whole picture in a given situation and combining several strategies for eliminating the problem.

Anyone who seeks to protect his or her property from wildlife encroachment provides a fundamentally sound investment. That investment not only protects the animal world by keeping them in their natural habitats but it protects the property owner from costly removal and repair expenditures.

To prevent wildlife from entering your building or for help with CT woodchuck removal services, contact Wildlife Control Services, LLC today to take care of any wildlife issues you may have. Need help with woodchuck removal or CT woodchuck trapping services? Call us at 860-236-2683