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What to Do if There's a Raccoon In Your Home

AdobeStock_98475158.jpeg Raccoons might look cute, but they can cause serious problems in your home. Do you think you might have a raccoon problem in your home? Read below to find out what steps to take.

How To Know

Before you take steps to get rid of a raccoon, you should make sure you have one first! But how can you know if you have a raccoon problem? The easiest way to tell is if you have seen raccoons roaming the property or have spotted raccoon tracks. You might experience strange smells from fecal droppings and other byproducts of wildlife. You can also spot a raccoon problem is there has been damage to your property or trashcans knocked over.

Handling The Problem Yourself

You might find that you want to get rid of the problem yourself. This decision can be dangerous if you are not experienced in dealing with wildlife. You could end up harming the animal or yourself. Additionally, raccoons carry diseases that can be transmitted to you. Even if you decide to trap the raccoon rather than face it head on, often times you’ll find that the wrong animal will be in the trap. All in all, it’s better to call in the professionals!

Professional Raccoon Removal

Once you call in the professionals, they will assess the situation. Using trapping and other ecologically sound integrated control techniques, the experts will remove the raccoon without any damage to your property. The raccoon will be taken care of humanely so you don’t have to worry about the little critter getting hurt.


Once you get the raccoon out of your house, you’ll want to keep it out! There are plenty of ways that you can prevent raccoons from entering your home.

If you’re looking for do-it-yourself prevention, try these tips:

-Seal all entryways

-Don’t leave food or pet food outside

-Properly store garbage

-Do regular garden maintenance

-Clean your outside grill

-Keep your attic dry


If you want to be a little surer that raccoons won’t get in, you can use professional services including:

-Chimney caps

-Underground fencing

-Roof vent covers

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