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What to Do About Animals Under Your Decks

With the weather getting cooler, you might notice animals trying to get into your home. One place that they often end up is under your deck. If you’re having problems with animals under your deck, there are a few different steps you can take. Read below to learn about why animals try to get under your deck and what you can do about it.

Reasons Animals Seek Entry

Animals look for dark, confined spaces to give birth and raise their young. They will seek warmth underneath your deck, storing food and keeping their young safe. If there is any food under your deck, animals are even more likely to be attracted to your deck.


It’s important to seal any potential points of entry to prevent animals from getting under your deck. Consider installing a mesh covering to seal any potential entry points. Embed the mesh into the soil to prevent animals from burrowing under the deck. Don’t leave any food near the deck that might attract animals.


If you’re attempting to trap the animal yourself, your best bet is to place traps at any potential entry points. Set out food to attract the animals to these traps, then you can set the animals free elsewhere. If the animals have already have babies, you should call in professional removal services, as it will be difficult to do this trapping yourself.

Professional Removal

You should not deal with animal control yourself, as it could be dangerous to you or the animal. A wildlife control professional will place the animal’s babies in a trap when the mother is away, luring the mother in the trap after them. This type of removal is best performed by a professional who has the proper tools to keep the animals safe.

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