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9 Warning Signs Animals Are In Your Home

Animals have complete disreguard for any boundery line, property, or personal belongings. When wildlife enters your home they look for a place to bed and food to eat, anything in their way typically gets destroyed. There are nine warning signs animals are in your home.

Hearing Noises In The Attic

One of the most common warning signs of wildlife invading your home is hearing noises in your attic. Typically, you’ll only hear these noises when the house is quiet or late at night while trying to sleep. This is because the critters feel the home is empty and that it’s safe to move around. If you are hearing scratching and chewing noises in your attic, you should call professional wildlife removal services for help to get the animal safely removed. Although, most of the critters that will sneak into your home are just looking for shelter, they can still bite if they feel threatened. This is why contacting the professionals will be safer for you as well as the animal.

Animal Droppings

This is a more obvious sign that wildlife is in your home but if you start to see animal feces, you may have more than one critter hiding around your property. Usually the areas that you’ll see droppings are not in common rooms such as bedrooms, living rooms and bathrooms. More than likely you’ll notice the droppings around your attic, in corners of the basement or other areas in your home with low traffic. You should never try to clean the feces without the proper gear. Make sure to always wear a mask and gloves whenever handling wildlife waste.

Holes In Your Siding

Some animals such as squirrels are small and sneaky and can use the smaller openings to squeeze into your home. For wildlife prevention, you should inspect your home for any holes or openings, no matter the size, and seal all of them up. If the animals have already entered the home be sure you don’t handle wildlife removal on your own.

Chewed Clothes And Papers

This warning sign may mean that you have a more serious situation. If you notice your clothes are slightly chewed or papers around your home seem to be shredded in the corners, you may have several critters in your property. This isn’t a common warning sign for homeowners but can happen when the property is vacant for a period of time. You’ll probably notice this when cleaning up an old home or coming back from an extended vacation.

Seeing Animals In My Chimney

If you notice wildlife on your roof and near your chimney, there’s a chance they are trying to enter in the home from there. In warmer seasons your fireplace isn’t active and gives these critters the opportunity to sneak in. This larger opening seems like an invitation to wildlife such as squirrels and raccoons. This can become a hazardous issue as the animal could fall in or get stuck and possibly die in the process. To avoid this issue, ensure your chimney is sealed or contact wildlife prevention services that can offer items like chimney caps for your home.

Bird Droppings On Exterior

It’s common to see bird droppings on your property but seeing excessive amounts may be the result of birds finding shelter in your home. Birds will try to set build nests in home vents, which can also lead to other openings in your home. Annually inspect your home’s vents to ensure there are no critters hiding in those areas.

Animals Under My Deck

Imagine having a barbeque with friends and family when all of the sudden you look down and notice little eyes from possums, skunks, or raccoons looking back at you. They are just waiting for you all to walk away so they can have your leftovers or the trash you leave behind. You may also notice little footsteps in the snow during the winter season leading right to the bottom of the deck. You may also notice that parts of your deck are chewed and if that ‘s the case, it’s time to contact wildlife removal services.

Flickering Lights

This isn’t a more common sign but can happen. If you notice that you have outside flickering lights, this can be due to needing a light bulb replaced or animals gnawing at your lighting wires.

Signs Animals Are In My Garbage

Possums are notorious for causing mayhem in a homeowner’s yard and property. They like to get into the trash outside, eat the pet food if left out or set up a shelter underneath your home. If your trash is constantly ripped open or knocked over, you probably have wildlife living some where around your property.

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If you notice any of these warning signs, contact Wildlife Control Services right away for quick and safe professional wildlife removal services.