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There Are Squirrels Stuck In My Chimney?

This is actually a common issue amongst homeowners with chimneys. Chimneys are designed to have an open top to release the smoke but when they chimney is inactive, it’s the perfect opportunity for critters to sneak in and unfortunately, they commonly get stuck. Squirrels are especially swift and will take any opening to climb right in and try to create a shelter unaware the opening is a farther drop than anticipated. Sometimes squirrels enter chimneys and are unable to climb back out, forcing them to try to get out from a fireplace or basement ducts. Never try to smoke a squirrel, or any other wildlife, out of a chimney as a trapped animal or even babies too young to climb out may be killed.

What To Do If Squirrels Are Stuck In Your Chimney

If you hear little scratching sounds, this may mean that the squirrel could be trapped and is trying to climb back out. So what can you do help the squirrels get on their way back to the great outdoors? The following are some tips to help the little critters out of the chimney so you can get on with your day:

  • Throw a rope down the chimney to give the squirrels something to grab onto and climb back up. Make sure you tie the rope tight and it’s long enough before throwing it down. Give the squirrel a few hours to get out but be sure once the squirrel is free, that you remove the rope so your not giving wildlife more opportunity to climb down into your home.
  • Try making loud noises to scare them back up. If they are stuck, they may be scared to move but making loud noises may be that extra push they need to scurry back up.
  • Call Wildlife Control Services if you feel the squirrel is severely stuck or that there are multiple squirrels or babies that are also stuck and difficult to remove.
  • Wildlife Control Services also provides homeowners with chimney caps to help prevent wildlife from getting stuck. Preventing the problem before it becomes an issue will help you save money and time.

If you are looking to remove squirrels or prevent them from getting stuck into your chimney, contact the experts at Wildlife Control Services. Specializing in wildlife control and prevention, WCS can install chimney caps quickly and safely onto your building. If you are interested in our wildlife prevention services or want a quote for your home, contact us at 860-236-2683.