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I Need Snake Removal Services

A fear of snakes is common so finding them around your home or commercial building can be a little frightening. Although most snakes around Connecticut are non-venomous, it’s understanding to not want them around your home or building. Unless you know how to do so properly, snake removal should be left to the professionals, especially if you don’t know the identification of the species. Some snakes may seem harmless but that shouldn’t be left to chance. Venomous snakes are very dangerous and you shouldn’t put yourself at risk.

So what attracts snakes to your home or property? Snakes look for a safe place to live, hunt and hide, and places to slither in. Vegetation, especially high grass and plants, is very attractive to snakes. Also, if your home or property has any larger rocks, sidewalk, plywood, a shed, these are also major factors that attract snakes to your property. If you are having a problem with snakes, inspect your property and do what you can to eliminate or shorten the vegetation as well as securing any openings that will attract snakes to hide in.

Wildlife Control Services, LLC is a full time, fully licensed and insured company. We are available to service residential as well as commercial and industrial clients. If you find a snake in your home or building it’s important to know whether it is venomous or not but it’s also important to remember, the ones that are not venomous could still bite if they feel threatened. We always strive to provide the customer and the wildlife with the safest and most effective management techniques at our disposal. So let us help you with snake removal to ensure safety and get the issue dealt with in an effective and timely manner.

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