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How to Deal With Bats in the Winter

You might notice that bats have been trying to get into your home now that the weather has gotten cooler. The colder it gets, the more bats will try to get into your home in order to keep warm. If you’re having trouble with bats in and around your home, here are some tips that can help.

Why Do They Try to Get Inside?

There are many different animals that attempt to enter homes during the colder months to seek warmth. However, bats are not just looking for a place to keep warm, they are looking for a warm place to hibernate. Bats will find a warm space to fall asleep and stay there until the winter is over.

Where Do They Go?

In order to find a warm, secure spot, bats often snuggle inside the insulation in your home. You might also find bats on the warm side of the ceilings or walls in your home. Bats will not be simply hanging from the ceiling of your attic in the winter. Instead, they will find the warmest spot possible, nestle themselves in, and hibernate.

How to Detect Bats

When bats are in your home during the winter, you won’t notice them flying around because they’re hibernating. However, you’re likely to hear scratching when they are trying to enter your home. Once the bats are hibernating in your home, the most likely way you’ll detect the bats is if you actually see them in your home, or see signs of them nestling into crawl spaces.

How to Get Rid of Them

The best way to get rid of bats is to call professional removal service. A professional will be able to capture all of the bats in your home without harming them or causing any damage to your property. After they remove the bats from your home, they will install preventative measures to ensure that they won’t come back. Chimney caps and roof vent covers will help keep bats out, as well as sealing any potential holes that bats can enter through.

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