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8 Common Questions About Squirrels

As the weather gets colder, squirrels often try to get into your home in search of warmth. When squirrels are in your home, it’s important to understand their habits in order to get them out. Here are some answers to common questions about squirrels and squirrel removal.

How Do I Know if There are Squirrels in My Attic?

Noises are typically the most significant indicator of squirrels in your attic. You will be able to hear squirrels scurrying and thumping around your attic and scratching at the floor. You might also note visible damage from squirrels chewing through features of your home. Finally, there might be smells as a result of urine and feces from the squirrels.

Why are Squirrels Attracted to My Home?

When the weather gets colder, squirrels seek a warm space. They might also be attracted to food left out. In addition to seeking food and warmth, squirrels seek out crawl spaces that make them feel safe. During the cold weather, squirrels see your home as a great place for food, shelter, and warmth.

Why Do Squirrels Choose My Attic?

Your attic is especially warm with many crawl spaces that make squirrels feel safe. They are good substitutes for a hollow tree, making them a great place to raise baby squirrels. Squirrels looking to raise their young will often settle in an attic to keep their babies safe.

How Do Squirrels Get Into My Home?

Squirrels will enter your home through any possible entrance. Unscreened vents and holes made by other animals often provide entrances to your home. In some cases, squirrels might chew through part of your home to create an entrance. They can enter higher parts of your home such as your attic from trees, fines, and connecting wires.

Why are Squirrels a Problem?

When squirrels are wandering your property and living in trees, they do not pose a problem to you or your home. However, when squirrels enter your home they can be destructive and noisy. In addition to disturbing your living space, squirrels can chew through wires, pipes, and walls, causing extensive damage to your home.

Are Squirrels Dangerous?

Although squirrels can be destructive to your home, they do not pose a threat to you or members of your household. Squirrels will not attack a person unprovoked and will only bite or scratch in defense. However, squirrels can bring diseases into your home such as rabies, fleas, ticks, and Tetanus. Therefore, it’s best to keep them out of your home and away from members of your household.

When Should I Get Rid of Squirrels?

It’s best to begin squirrel removal as soon as you suspect there is a problem. The longer you wait to get rid of squirrels, the more damage they can cause. They might build nests in your home or chew through important wiring. It’s best to begin the removal process as soon as possible.

How Can I Get Rid of Squirrels?

Attempting to trap and remove squirrels yourself can result in damage to your property or potential harm to yourself. It’s best to call in a professional wildlife control service. A professional removal service will be able to get rid of any squirrels in your attic and seal any potential entrances to prevent future squirrel entry. Hiring a professional wildlife company will ensure that squirrels are removed from your home with no damage or effort on your part.

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