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Commercial Squirrel Prevention: How to Keep Squirrels Out

If you have squirrels on your commercial property, they can pose a serious problem. Between chewing and nesting, they can cause damage to your property along with other concerns. If you notice signs of squirrels on your property, it’s important to solve the problem as soon as possible. Here are some tips for keeping squirrels away from your commercial property.

Identifying the Pest

Before attempting to remove a pest from your property, you’ll need to identify it in order to take proper action. If squirrels are your problem, you might notice chewed entrance holes in your siding or the soffits of the building. If you have an attic space, you might notice nests. You might also hear scurrying or scratching noises in the ceiling.


There are a few different reasons that you’ll want to avoid having squirrels on your property. First and foremost, they can cause damage to the building or surrounding areas. Squirrels are also known for chewing through electrical wires, which can pose a fire hazard for your building. Additionally, squirrels can pose a health hazard to employees and visitors alike, between potential illnesses and risk of bites. If you have a squirrel problem, it’s important to address the problem early to avoid these risks.


If you find squirrels on your property, it’s important to call in the experts. Attempting to remove squirrels yourself could result in injury to yourself or damage to your property. Professional commercial squirrel removal will involve skilled trapping services. After removing all of the squirrels, a reputable animal control company will also repair any damage that the squirrels have caused.


It’s important to take steps to prevent squirrels from entering or re-entering your property. Cut back any branches in trees that could provide a path into your property. Avoid attracting squirrels by sealing any outside trashcans or dumpsters properly. Install caps, screens, and vents to seal any potential entryways for squirrels. Be sure to repair any cracks or holes in your building to ensure that there are no entry points for squirrels.

Wildlife Control Services | CT Commercial Squirrel Prevention

If you are looking to stop squirrels from nesting on your business and causing damage, contact the experts at Wildlife Control Services. Specializing in wildlife control and prevention, WCS can remove squirrels from your home and prevent their return. If you are interested in our squirrel removal services then contact us at 860-236-2683.