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How Pigeons Can Damage Your Commercial Building

Pigeon related issues could start anywhere there is a place for them to land and roost. Each year businesses, construction sites, and homes are damaged by an infestation of Pigeons. They can cause damage to the exterior of your building, risks to your health, and an annoyance to customers and employees. It’s important to know what damage can pigeons cause to your building and how can you prevent it.

Pigeon Infestation Damages

Pigeon Droppings

A large group of pigeons can make a lot of noise as well as make the building filthy, which may discourage customers from coming to your business. If you are a property owner that is experiencing an infestation, customers may turn to other properties with less of an issue because your business may seem dirty and unkempt. If you can’t take care of your building they may feel you can’t successfully help them either. Keeping pigeons away from your property will help keep customers coming to your business.


A little bit of bird droppings here and there on your car hood or roof is no big deal but when it gets covered, you can face serious issues. Pigeon droppings are very acidic and can corrode through roof shingles, steel I-beams and even stone. It’s common to see many construction sites with difficulties of keeping pigeons off of their structures and stop them from causing damage. The best way to prevent pigeons from infesting and destroying your property is to contact an industrial bird control service.


If a large amount of pigeon droppings cover your building or home, there is a potential for someone to contract Histoplasmosis. Histoplasmosis is an infection of the lungs that can be caused by exposure to pigeon feces. Any animal feces can pose a threat to your building but the challenge with pigeons is they seem to multiply fast and can be hard to control. A warehouse that produces or packages food has to keep their building free of any infestation and carefully control the issue to avoid people getting sick.

Nests Cause Fires And Clogs

Pigeons like to nest and roost in high places to stay out of danger, which can end up being in your gutters, ventilation ducts and chimneys. Pigeon nests are full of flammable material and can catch fire in your ventilation system or chimney causing even further risks. If a nest gets caught in your gutter then it can also cause it to clog and overflow, which can eventually case your gutters to pull loose from your home or building. It’s important to take care of a nest before these issues occur and cause severe and irreparable damages.

How To Prevent Pigeon Infestation

Commercial Pigeon Netting

If your business or warehouse has high ceilings with exposed supports, you need commercial pigeon netting to keep them away. These pigeon nets are attached to the bottom of the supports in your ceiling. This keeps birds from finding a place to land and set up camps so they will be discouraged and leave.

Pigeon Spiking

Pigeons love to hangout inside of signs and on the edges of roofs, which can become unsightly and keep customers from returning to your business. By installing bird spikes you take away any place for them to land so they will have to go elsewhere. CT Pigeon spiking does not cause harm to the birds just deters them.

Wildlife Control Services

If you are looking to stop pigeons from nesting on your home or business and causing damage, contact the experts at Wildlife Control Services. Specializing in wildlife control and prevention, WCS can install pigeon netting and spikes quickly and safely onto your building. If you are interested in our pigeon prevention services or want a quote for your building then contact us at 860-236-2683.

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