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5 Signs You Have Critters in Your Structure

With the weather getting warmer, the wildlife around your home is probably getting more active. This time of year is also when many critters have their babies. Most times, these animals are looking for a safe place to have and raise their young, causing them to venture inside your home in search of shelter. During this time of the year, people notice these critters not only in their attics, basements, and garages, but hear them in their structure. Squirrels and raccoons will often get inside the structure of your home and settle there. If you’re concerned that there might be critters living in your structure, look for the following signs.

Strange Noises

One of the most common signs of having critters in your structure is strange noises coming from your attic, walls or chimney. Squirrels fall down chimneys and can’t climb out. Raccoons make their home in chimneys and have their young in there. You might hear scratching noises, something moving around, or even little squeaks or peeps. Mice and rats are nocturnal, meaning you’re more likely to hear these noises at night. However, squirrels are awake during the daytime, meaning that these types of noises any time of day might indicate there are critters living in your structure. However, if you are hearing noise at night don’t rule out flying squirrels or raccoons. They are nocturnal and are active all night and are sleeping during the day. If you hear strange noises coming from your walls or attic or chimney, you should contact Wildlife Control Services to investigate the problem.

Signs of Chewing

Animals can sometimes enter your attic and walls through small holes, cracks, and other entry points. If your home has any of these entry points, there is a chance you could have critters in your structure. However, more often these animals enter your structure through chewing. They might chew a small hole to make it even bigger. Or they may create their own hole. If you notice signs of chewing on your shingles, eaves, or attic louvers, there is a good chance that animals have chewed a hole to enter your structure. Additionally, squirrels have a habit of chewing at any sort of food source, such as boxes and bags of food. If notice you notice signs of chewing on any of your food, throw the food out immediately and call in wildlife control services.

Strange Odors

Another big indicator of critters living in your structure is strange odors that you cannot find a source to. Unfortunately, when animals live in your structure, they will defecate and urinate. Additionally, these animals can even die in your walls. All of these actions will result in a bad smell in your home. Because these smells come from inside your walls or attic, typically homeowners cannot pinpoint where the smell is coming from. If you have a strong, strange odor in your home that you cannot identify, it might be the result of animals living in your structure.


If you see animal droppings in your home, it is a surefire sign that animals are living somewhere in your home. Usually these droppings will be found in the attic or basement of the structure and sometimes in attached garages or on the roof in the case of raccoons. Regardless of where the animal is making its home, if you spot animal droppings, there is a strong probability wildlife is living in your home. For this reason, it’s a good idea to call in wildlife removal services to help you safely remove the animals before they do any damage.


The last sign that you might have animals living in your structure is that you’ve seen squirrels running across your roof, along the sides of the exterior of your house or a raccoon sitting on top of your

chimney. When you see wildlife in your home, you should immediately call in the professionals to help you safely remove this wildlife and install preventative measures that will keep them from coming back.

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If you notice any of these warning signs, contact Wildlife Control Services online or at 860-236-2683 right away for quick and safe professional wildlife removal services.